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Q: Is this a competitive program?

The Princess Program is not a competitive program. All princesses receive the same items, are crowned on stage, and are invited to the same events.

Q: Does my daughter need experience in order to participate?

Absolutely not! Often times, at least half of our princesses are new.

Q: What sort of commitment is required to participate?

A: Princesses are required to attend rehearsals on February 19 and March 5 to be able to participate on stage on March 12.

Q: Is there a fee to participate?

A: There is a $100 (early bird)/$150 (regular) fee for the program.

Q: What will we be required to purchase?

A: Princesses will be required to provide a party dress of their choosing (such as an Easter dress or Christmas dress), as well as black pants/leggings, black tank top, and white tennis shoes/sneakers. We try to keep wardrobe requirements simple, using items that princesses likely already have in their closet. It is more than acceptable to borrow items from friends and family.

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