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To become a 2024 contestant, you must:

  • Be a United States citizen.

  • Be a female.

  • Be the following age:

    • Teen: 13-18 years old (birth years 2010-2006)

    • Miss: 18-28 years old (birth years 1996-2006)

For the 2024 competition, 18-year-olds qualify for both the Miss and the Teen programs. Please contact us prior to submitting an entry form so that we may confirm if you should sign up as a Miss or a Teen.​

  • Meet the residency requirement by either living*, working**, or going to school*** in:

    • Teen: Spokane County, Pend Oreille County, Stevens County, Lincoln County, Adams County, or Whitman County.

    • Miss: Eastern Washington (east of the Cascade Mountains).

Example: A contestant is eligible if she lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho but works in Liberty Lake, Washington.

*Living: Must be a legal resident at least 30 days prior to the competition date.

**Working: Must be a full time employee (no less than 30 hours per week) at least 30 days prior to the competition date.

***Going to school: Must be enrolled as a full-time student at a college or university.

  • Participate in the annual Fashion Show Fundraiser.

  • Pay participation fees:

    • $39.99 (per year) Registration fee on the Miss America Organization website (here). This is a requirement from the Miss America Organization. Please do not submit your Miss America Organization registration fee until the Miss Spokane Scholarship Organization confirms your entry.

    • $100 Early bird or $150 regular registration fee on the Miss Spokane Organization website (here). Early bird deadline is January 1, 2024.

    • $35-$42 (plus tax + shipping) Rebel Athletic top. The Miss America Organization requires all local contestants to wear a Rebel Athletic top at the local level for the fitness competition. Please do not purchase this top until the Miss Spokane Scholarship Organization has provided links to the required top styles.

  • Sell a full page of advertisements ($150) minimum in program magazine advertisement sales. Contestants are encouraged to approach local businesses and sell advertisement space in our program magazine. The more program magazines sold, the more scholarship we are able to award. There are incentives for the contestants that sell the most advertisements. Program magazine advertisement prices are $100 for half page or $150 for full page. More information can be found in the contestant handbook (here) and on the Miss Spokane Organization website.

  • In addition, a contestant:

    • Must not be married.

    • Must not be pregnant, not a custodial parent nor adoptive parent of any child.

    • Must never have been convicted of a criminal offense nor have criminal charges pending against her.

    • Must compete in the state competition if she wins the local competition.


Eligibility requirements are subject to change as new guidelines are provided by the Miss America Organization. Additional details and qualifications can be found in the Miss America Organization contract HERE.


Don't live or go to school in Spokane? YOU'RE IN LUCK - You may still qualify to compete!

We accept TEEN contestants from Spokane County, Pend Oreille County, Stevens County, Lincoln County, Adams County, and Whitman County!


Not sure if your residence or school qualifies? Contact us and we will let you know!

Miss Washington's Teen Local Competition Locations

Click on the stars below for links to more information on other local programs in Washington

Washington Map


Each contestant is competing against herself and receives a score in the 1 to 10 point range, using whole numbers only. More than one contestant may receive the same score in each phase.

paige interview.jpeg

Private Interview - 30% of total score

This is the first phase of competition to take place. Each contestant interviews for 10 minutes, seated at a board table with a panel of 5-7 judges. The contestant will have a 30 second opening, 9 minute interview, and a 30 second wrap up/closing statement. Wardrobe is the contestant's choice - fashionable interview attire. Contestants are questioned on their background as presented on their resume, their community service initiative (or CSI), educational and career goals, opinions on current events/social issues, interests, hobbies, extracurricular activities, etc. The interview allows insight into the contestant's:

  • ability to fulfill the qualifications, responsibilities, duties, and term of the titleholder;

  • personal qualities and attributes relevant to the titleholder position;

  • commitment to her community service initiative or CSI;

  • ability to express her own beliefs in an authentic and relatable manner;

  • sense of accomplishments and goals above and beyond the fact sheet;

  • spontaneity, intelligence, sense of humor, charm and charisma;

  • authenticity and ability to answer questions in a conversational, unrehearsed manner;

  • ability to serve as a role model and if she is reflective of her generation.

teen talent2.JPG

Talent - 20% of total score.

Each contestant performs a routine of up to 90 seconds of her own choosing, in her choice of wardrobe. Talent must be approved by the Miss Spokane Scholarship Organization and listed on the “Approved Performance Arts Talent List” created by the Miss America Organization (linked HERE). The talent must be performed solo on stage. This phase of competition allows insight into the contestant's:

  • preparatory, performance or storytelling skills;

  • overall presentation skills and ability to deliver a captivating presentation;

  • interpretive ability and entertainment value relative to the category of performance art;

  • stage presence, on-stage personality and personal connection to her story;

  • ability to capture the attention of an audience while performing on stage.

teen gown.JPG

Evening Gown - 20% of total score.

Each contestant appears on stage in an outfit of her own choosing, representative of what she would wear to a formal "after five" social event. Neither the gown itself nor the estimated cost of the gown will be considered in scoring. This phase of competition allows insight into the contestant's:

  • ability to capture attention on stage, and individual stage presence;

  • comfort, confidence, and composure;

  • overall impression of ability to represent the Miss America or Miss America’s Teen Organization at a high profile event.

teen osq.JPG

On Stage Conversation - 10% of total score.

This question is asked immediately following the opening number, while the contestant is wearing her opening number wardrobe. This is the first phase of on stage competition. Contestants will respond to one on stage question. Questions may touch on an aspect of the Miss America's Teen brand, mission statement, or the four points (Style, Service, Scholarship, Success) of the foundation. Responses should not be longer than 20 seconds. This phase of competition allows insight into the contestant's:

  • commitment to the "service";

  • unique perspective on community service and it’s local impact;

  • desire to create interest in her community service initiatives;

  • intelligence, personality, charisma, and aptitude for the titleholder’s opportunity;

  • sense of composure in presenting ideas on stage;

  • interactivity with the panelists and the audience.

Health & Fitness - 20% of total score.

Each contestant appears on stage in a fitness outfit (not swimsuit). This phase of competition is where the delegate showcases her commitment to health and fitness initiatives. A contestant's discipline and commitment to being physically healthy is a key to success in all other areas of life, and representing the Miss America program. This phase of competition allows insight into the contestant's:

  • comfort and confidence level on stage;

  • overall impression of health and fitness commitment;

  • on stage presentation and energy, comfort in front of an audience, confidence;

  • ability to gauge the audience’s impression of the contestant;

  • spontaneity, and lack of “robotic” stage presentation;

  • ability to determine if delegate could serve as national health/fitness ambassador.

teen fitness.JPG
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