On/Before January 1: Early bird entry deadline
On/Before February 10: To be eligible to model in the 2023 Fashion Show
On/Before February 17: To be eligible to compete in the 2023 Competition 


In order to meet eligibility requirements to compete for Miss Spokane's Outstanding Teen 2023, a candidate must be:

  • At least 13-years-old on May 26, 2023.

  • No more than 18-years-old on December 31, 2023.

  • Click HERE to input your date of birth to see if you qualify!

  • Must be a citizen of the United States of America.

  • Female, never married, not pregnant nor a parent or adoptive parent of any child.

  • Be enrolled in an accredited public or private school with passing scores or receiving instruction at or above grade level in a home school program meeting the qualifications of state law.

  • Meet the additional requirements set forth in the Miss America Local Teen Candidate Contract (click HERE to download).

  • Geographic eligibility - only ONE of the following is required (A or B) for eligibility and must be maintained through the competition (and year of service if the candidate wins the local title)

    • (A) Residency Status: Reside in the local franchise area (see below) for a minimum of (30) days prior to entering.

    • (B) Student Status: Registered for classes with full-time status in the local franchise area (see below) prior to the local competition.

  • Pay participation fees

    • $35 per competition year to register on the Miss America Organization registration website (collected by the Miss America Organization, not the Miss Spokane Scholarship Organization)

    • $100 (early bird) / $150 (regular) to register as a Miss Spokane's Outstanding Teen candidate (collected by the Miss Spokane Scholarship Program)

Eligibility requirements are subject to change as new guidelines are provided by the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization.


Don't live or go to school in Spokane? YOU'RE IN LUCK - You may still qualify to compete!

We accept TEEN candidates from Spokane County, Pend Oreille County, Stevens County, Lincoln County, Adams County, and Whitman County!


Not sure if your residence or school qualifies? Contact us and we will let you know!

Miss Washington's Outstanding Teen Local Competition Locations

Click on the stars below for links to more information on other local programs in Washington


Each candidate is competing against herself and receives a score in the 1 to 10 point range, using whole numbers only. More than one candidate may receive the same score in each phase.


Private Interview - 30% of total score

This is the first phase of competition to take place. Each candidate interviews for 8 minutes, standing in front of a panel of 5-7 judges. Candidates are questioned on their background as presented on their resume, their social impact initiative, educational and career goals, opinions on current events/social issues, interests, hobbies, extracurricular activities, etc.  This phase of competition is an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the candidate’s qualities and attributes to fulfill the titleholder position; her level of communication skills; her opinions and aspirations; her sense of accomplishment; poise and presence, as well as her ability to fulfill the responsibilities of a titleholder. Judges will assess the “impression” of the candidates. Candidates should possess a confident personality and the ability to express and articulate her views. She should have thorough knowledge and understanding of her Social Impact Initiative and have a commitment to community service. She should also be stylish in an age-appropriate manner.

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 4.44.06 PM.png

Talent - 40% of total score

Each candidate performs a routine of up to 90 seconds of her own choosing. Possible talents might include singing, dancing, gymnastics, instrumental music, dramatic or comedy monologues, poetry, baton twirling, or ventriloquism. The talent must be performed solo on stage. The talent phase of competition is an insight into the candidate’s preparatory and performance skills. It acknowledges the quality of the performance, technical skill level, stage presence, and entertainment value. Judges will look at whether or not this candidate has the talent ability to represent the local organization, as well as the MAOTeen Program for the entire year of service. Judges will assess her talent presentation’s overall effect as a member of both the judges’ panel and the audience. Judges will evaluate both raw talent and entertainment value.

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 4.45.08 PM.png

Red Carpet & On Stage Question - 20% of total score

Each candidate appears on stage in an outfit of her own choosing, representative of what she would wear to a formal "after five" social event. After walking the stage in her Red Carpet wardrobe, each candidate will give a response to one on stage question, written by a member of the panel of judges and is considered a continuation of her private interview. This phase of competition is designed to assess the candidate’s poise, grace, and commanding stage presence, as well as her ability to answer a question with eloquence and intelligence in front of a large audience. Judges will consider the candidate’s first impression, sense of confidence, personality, walk, posture, and carriage. Judges will not consider the cost of the Red Carpet wardrobe. Judges will give special attention to whether or not the candidate answers the question asked. Judges will consider the candidate’s grace, charm, stage presence, and ability to serve as a spokesperson.

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 4.43.29 PM.png

Lifestyle & Wellness - 10% of total score

This phase is performed in active-wear, not swimsuits. All candidates will perform a simple posing routine, individually on stage. Candidates may (not required) use props to enhance their routine, displaying how they stay active, physically and emotionally fit. Prop examples: volleyball, softball glove, pom poms, etc. All props must be approved. Feet may not leave the ground (no kicks, aerials, etc.). This phase of competition is designed to see how well the candidate maintains a lifestyle of good physical health and whether or not she has the sense of confidence and self-assurance needed to serve as a titleholder TheMAOTeen Organization does not judge on a candidates appearance and is not looking for a “perfect” fitness body. Our goal is not to place a teen candidate, whose body is changing almost on a regular basis, in a position of feeling the need to diet or perform intense physical exercise.

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