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Q: What happened to the Princess Program?

The Miss America Organization rebranded, again, in 2023 and has decided to change their Princess Program to Miss America Little Sisters.  The Miss America Organization has decided that the word "princess" may no longer be used. All program names are to be changed and each local and state organization may decide it's own program name and age range for their participant eligibility.

Q: Is this a competitive program?

The Spokane Starlings program is not a competitive program. All Spokane Starlings receive the same items, are crowned on stage, and are invited to the same events.

Q: Does my daughter need experience in order to participate?

Absolutely not! Often times, at least half of our Starlings are new.

Q: What sort of commitment is required to participate?

A: Starlings are required to attend two rehearsals to be able to participate on stage.

Q: Is there a fee to participate?

A: There is an early bird fee and a regular fee for participating in the program. The early bird discount is only available until a specified date and then the fee will raise to the regular rate.

Q: What will we be required to purchase?

A: Starlings will be required to provide a party dress of their choosing (such as an Easter dress or Christmas dress), as well as black pants/leggings, black tank top, and white tennis shoes/sneakers. We try to keep wardrobe requirements simple, using items that little sisters likely already have in their closet. It is more than acceptable to borrow items from friends and family.

Q: Will my daughter be paired with a miss or teen contestant?

The Starlings are not paired with a miss or teen contestant.

Q: Which Starling will accompany the new teen titleholder to the state competition?

The new teen titleholder will choose her own Starlings to accompany her to the state competition. The Starlings she chooses is not required to have been part of the Spokane Starlings program, although we do encourage the teen titleholder to choose a Starling from the program. We understand that the new teen titleholder may have a special relationship with a child that was not able to participate in our local program and may desire for that young girl to accompany her at the state competition. If you would like the new teen titleholder to consider choosing your daughter to accompany her, please let the Miss Spokane Director know prior to the local competition. **Note: There are additional fees associated by the state program for accompanying a local titleholder to her state competition, including but not limited to: entry fee, lodging, meals, wardrobe, program magazine sales, etc. These fees are designated by the state organization. More information can be found at**

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