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Q: Do I need experience in order to compete?

Absolutely not! Often times, at least half of our contestants are new. We are here to help you throughout every aspect of the competition!

Q: What sort of commitment is required to compete for Miss Spokane's Teen?

A: Contestants will attend the Fashion Show fundraiser and two rehearsals. During rehearsals, contestants will receive mentoring in interview, talent, and other skill in preparation for the competition.

Q: Is there a fee to compete for Miss Spokane's Outstanding Teen?

A: The entry fee is $100 (Early-Bird until January 1, 2024) and normal fee $150.

Q: What will I be required to purchase?

A: Although certain items of clothing are needed for the competition, we can work with each contestant to minimize the need for purchasing outfits. Teen contestants will need an interview outfit, a fitness outfit, an evening gown, a costume for talent, and a production number outfit. It is more than acceptable to borrow items from fellow contestants, former titleholders or friends, or the Miss Spokane Organization closet. Miss Spokane's Teen is not chosen based on the amount of money she has spent.

Q: What if I do not have a talent?

A: Everyone has a talent! Singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or performing a monologue are the most popular. However, Miss America preliminaries have seen a variety of unconventional talents over the years. Basketball dribbling to music, changing oil in an engine, and sewing a dress are just a few. If you are willing to put in the effort, we can help you find your talent!

Q: How much scholarship money will be awarded?

A: The total amount is determined by the amount our sponsors contribute as well as the amount raised through advertisement sales, ticket sales, fundraisers, etc. You do not have to win the title to earn a significant scholarship amount. We offer scholarships in multiple categories.

Q: What will I be required to do if I win Miss Spokane's Teen?

A: Your year of service and state preparation is what you make it! You will have the chance to make appearances in public events throughout Spokane and surrounding areas. You will be required to attend a “Spring Forum” weekend (typically early April) with other state titleholders and to compete in the Miss Washington's Teen competition (typically end of June). Your education, employment, and family are very important and we will work with you to minimize conflicts with these priorities as your schedule is set for the year. We will meet with you and your parent(s) or guardian(s) after you are crowned to determine your goals for your year of service and state preparation. Typically, March and April are spent focusing on your state paperwork. Then, May and June are spent focusing on preparing for the state competition (practice interviews, perfecting your talent, competition wardrobe, stage presence, etc.)

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