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Miss Spokane Scholarship Organization

2829 S. Grand Blvd #101

Spokane, WA 99203


© 2019 by Miss Spokane Scholarship Organization


Miss Spokane

Outstanding Teen

Miss Spokane 2019: Ashlee Karras

First Runner Up: Gabriella Dansereau

Overall High Interview: Ashlee Karras

Overall High Talent: Ashlee Karras

Non-finalist High Interview: Madeline Gendreau

Non-finalist High Talent: Madeline Gendreau

Four Points: Jackee Smith

Miss Congeniality: Anya Bogachov

People's Choice: Jackee Smith

Director's Award: Gabriella Dansereau

Rookie of the Year: Ashane Davis

High Advertisements: Ashlee Karras

High Ticket Sales: Madeline Gendreau

Community Service: Jackee Smith

Academic Excellence: Madeline Gendreau

Most Improved: Ashane Davis

STEM: Madeline Gendreau

Quality of Life: Gabriella Dansereau

Miracle Maker: N/A

Outstanding Teen 2019: Romey Fox

First Runner Up: Ally Fisher

Second Runner Up: Jessica Hanson

Overall High Interview: Jessica Hanson

Overall High Talent: Kylie Nelson

Non-finalist High Interview: Kylie Nelson

Non-finalist High Talent: Kylie Nelson

Four Points: Kylie Nelson

Miss Congeniality: Kylie Nelson

People's Choice: Kaitlyn Mahoney

Director's Award: Skye Potter

Rookie of the Year: Kylie Nelson

High Advertisements: Jessica Hanson

High Ticket Sales: Ally Fisher

Community Service: Jessica Hanson

Academic Excellence: Kylie Nelson

Most Improved: Abbigail Muller

STEM: Romey Fox

Quality of Life: Kaitlyn Mahoney

Miracle Maker: Kaitlyn Mahoney


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